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How to apply for the membership

JASTE is now seeking prospective individual and/or company members who are willing to participate and support this society.  Followings are information for prospective members.

Domestic Membership Dues (payment in post office of Japan using a remittance slip)

Ordinary: 8,000 yen/yr

Student:4,000 yen/yr

Organization:16,000 yen/yr

Associate:100,000 yen/yr/item

Overseas Membership Dues (payment by PayPal system using credit card or payment in some banks using overseas remittance)

Ordinary:50 US$/yr

Organization: 140 US$/yr

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MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FORM   GRADE OF MEMBERSHIP APPLIED FOR: Please (tick)   Domestic   Ordinary ( ) Student ( ) Associate ( ) Organization ( )   Overseas   Ordinary ( ) Student ( ) Organization ( )   NAME (family name, first name)   TITLE (Dr, Ms, Mr) SEX (M, F)   ADDRESS   POSTCODE COUNTRY   TEL and E-MAIL   PAYMENT: Please tick (for only overseas membership)   Credit card (using PayPal system: VISA, MASTER, AMEX) ( )   Overseas remittance ( )   SEND TO:   JASTE General Office (please confirm the following information)

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