A Journal published by the Japan Society of Tropical Ecology

Tropics is issued quarterly with one volume per a Japanese fiscal year (June, September, December, and March) by the Japan Society of Tropical Ecology (JASTE). Tropics publishes papers covering all aspects of ecology and ecology-related science about tropical regions. Papers are limited to three types: original articles, reviews, and field notes. Each paper must be a report of original research which has not been previously published in whole or in part, and is not under consideration for publication at any other journal. Manuscripts should be written in English.

The journal is open to the results of original research, experimental or descriptive, and to significant reviews of aspects of the ecology and ecology-related science about tropical regions. Its aim is not only to act as a valued means of communication between Japanese ecologists and other field scientists, but also to stimulate the research activities of ecologists and scientists of tropical regions. Those interested in contributing to Tropics are highly encouraged to submit their work.

Special issues of monographs or reviews may be published on occasion by decision of the editorial board.

Full text PDF files of recent volumes are available at J-STAGE.



Editorial Office of TROPICS

Takeshi TOMA

Editor-in-Chief of TROPICS

c/o Center for International Partnerships and Research on Climate Change Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute (FFPRI) Forest Research and Management Organization National Research and Development Agency 1 Matsunosato,Tsukuba,Ibaraki 305-8687,JAPAN

TEL: +81-29-829-8326


1. Editorial Board


Takeshi TOMA (FFPRI) Forest Ecology and Rehabilitating Degraded Forests

Shin-ichiro Aiba (Hokkaido Univ.) Forest Ecology

Makoto Ehara (FFPRI) Policy and Livelihoods

Fuminori Ito (Kagawa Univ.) Ecology and Taxonomy of Insects

Koichi Kamiya (Ehime Univ.) Population Genetics

Shumpei Kitamura (Ishikawa Pref. Univ.) Ecology of Birds

Tsugiyuki Masunaga (Shimane Univ.) Soil Science

Miyabi Nakabayashi (Hiroshima Univ.) Ecology of Mammals

Shinta Ohashi (FFPRI) Wood Science

Masahiko Ota (Kyushu Institute of Technology) Policy and Society

Rempei Suwa (JIRCAS) Ecology of Swamp Forests

Toshihiro Yamada (Hiroshima Univ.) Forest Ecology

Masayuki Yanagisawa (Kyoto Univ.) Ecological History of South East Asia, Tropical Agriculture

2. Publication ethics and malpractice statement

Research misconducts and malpractice harm individual and society. Although researchers may get temporal benefits from their publication by misconducts and malpractices, such publication retard the advance of science and the authors also suffer disadvantages much larger than the temporal benefits once the misconducts revealed. The editors of Tropics work hard to avoid publishing research papers from misconducts and malpractices in Tropics. In addition to those efforts, we need cooperation and understanding from the authors to avoid misconducts and malpractices. So, the editorial board requests all authors to take “3. Authors and Authors’ responsibility” listed below, before submitting their manuscript to Tropics. Those who have any concerns on this issue, please contact the editorial board before submitting manuscripts.

3. Authors and Authors responsibilities

The authors should confirm that the study was carried out within appropriate ethical frameworks of their society and also scientific fields. To avoid publishing research results by malpractices*, the editorial board requests all authors to confirm following points before submitting their manuscript to Tropics.

·The study has not been published and is not currently under review in other journals.

· All authors have contributed to the study and read the submitted version of the manuscript.

· All authors have committed for avoiding research misconduct such as fabrication, falsification, plagiarism as well as multiple submission of the same research results and inappropriate authorship.

· All authors have agreed to submit the manuscript to Tropics as well as to participate the peer review process of Tropics.

· All authors have declared any possible conflict of interests or they have confirmed that there is no conflict of interests.

· All authors have agreed that the editorial board may request authors to show evidences they followed necessary ethical framework and they will respond the request.

· All authors have agreed that they and the editorial board are obliged to provide retractions or correction of mistakes before and after publication of their manuscript.

*: Ex. Guides for avoiding research misconducts

Japan Science and Technology Agency:

To All Researchers- Conduct for Responsible Research Activities-

P1-7 Japanese, P8-13 English, P14-19 Chinese

Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE)

4. Submission of manuscripts

Submissions to Tropics should include the following three items:

(1) Submission Form downloaded from the web site of the Japan Society of Tropical Ecology (JASTE) here

(2) A Microsoft Word file containing the title page and text pages of the manuscript.

(3) A PDF file containing the tables and figures.

Authors should submit these three items to the TROPICS Editorial Board at the following address:

5. Peer-review process

The Tropics editorial board reserves the right to accept or reject manuscripts for publication. The editorial board makes it sure that all judgments and findings in the peer-review process are objective and the submitted manuscripts are treated confidentially prior to their publication. Papers are first reviewed for suitability by the editorial board. Suitable papers are then critically reviewed by two or more experts. The reviewers should have no conflict of interest and should point out relevant published work which is not yet cited. Based on the recommendation of the reviewers, the editorial board will make one of the following decisions:

A. ( ) Your manuscript was accepted for publication.

B. ( ) Your manuscript will be accepted if revised adequately according to the comments.

C. ( ) Please revise according to the comments and resubmit.

D. ( ) It is recommended to submit your revised manuscript as a new manuscript for an adequate category.

E. ( ) Please decline submission.

For decisions B and C, the authors are expected to submit revised manuscript within one month from the decision.

6. Publication fee

The first author should be responsible to cover publication fee of the article. If the first author is a JASTE member, his or her manuscript will be published in free of charge. If the first author is NOT a JASTE member, a publication fee per article will be charged upon acceptance of a publication.

Member of the JASTE: No charge

Non-member: JPY8,000-

Non-member (student, overseas resident): JPY2,000- or USD30-

Costs for color prints (JPY50,000-) per a manuscript will be charged both JASTE and non-JASTE members.

Anyone interested in becoming a member of JASTE may contact to

7. Ownership and management

The copyright of the articles and other documents published by the Japan Society of Tropical Ecology (JASTE) and disclosed on the JASTE’s website belong to JASTE.

Copyright transfer

All Authors shall agree to transfer the copyright of their articles to JASTE effective when the articles are accepted for publication. The use of copyrighted material requires the permission of JASTE. JASTE has the right to authorize third parties to use such materials; as a result of this authorization, any payment from third parties will be transferred to JASTE’s account. Authors have the right to use their articles on their own website or a website belonging to another society, so long as it is indicated that the article’s copyright is owned by JASTE.

Extent of Copyright

Copyright means all the rights defined by the Copyright Law of Japan (Revised on 21st December 2004), including Article 21 (right of reproduction), Article 22 (right of showing and playing), Article 23 (right of public transmission), Article 24 (right of morality), Article 25 (right of exhibition), Article 26 (right of distribution), Article 26-2 (dominion), Article 26-3 (right of lending), Article 27 (right of translation), and Article 28 (right of original author to secondary use of copyrighted works) of the copyright law.

8. Archiving

All articles published in Tropics are archived in J-STAGE.

The articles will be available even after TROPICS is no longer published.

9. Instructions for Manuscript preparation [pdf]



公益信託四方(しかた)記念地球環境保全研究助成基金 ①助成の対象: 1) 熱帯雨林の減少、砂漠化の進行等の地球規模の自然環境問題に関する調査・研究 2) 絶滅のおそれのある生物等の生態及びその保護・回復に関する調査・研究 3) 人間の生活と両立する自然環境、野生生物等の管理手法に関する調査・研究 ②助成内容:4件程度、助成総額200万円程度 ③応募締切:2022年6月3日(金)当日消印有効 ④申込

九州大学では標記の研究者を公募しています(2022年4月6日~5月31日)。 1. 職:助教 2. 人数:1名 3. 所属:九州大学 大学院農学研究院 環境農学部門 森林環境科学講座 森林計画学研究分野 4. 応募締切日:令和4年5月31日(火)必着 5. 採用予定日:令和4年10月1日以降の可能な限り早い時期 6. 詳細が掲載されているURL:https://

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