Activities of JASTE

Activities of JASTE

Annual congress We hold an annual congress. Study sessions and an open symposium are made. A general assembly is also held during the congress period.

Publication We publish the journal, TROPICS, four times a year. It publishes original research papers, short communications, critical reviews and field notes. It includes special issues of a symposium in an annual congress. All members of the society can contribute to TROPICS.

We publish the newsletter, Tropical Ecology Letters, four times a year. It publishes the introductions of research and project, book reviews, information on vacant positions, announcements from general office, etc.

Grants for workshops We aid workshops of tropical ecology offered from the members of the society. A maximum of two workshops a year are aided.

Kira Prize The society prize, in commemoration that Prof. Dr. Tatsuo Kira, the first president of the Japan Society of Tropical Ecology, was awarded a International Cosmos Prize from EXPO'90 Foundation. Now an encouragement prize and a special prize are established. The former is given to a maximum of two young ecologists a year, who are chosen among the contributors to the TROPICS, etc. The latter is given to a person or an organization which has made a great contribution to the study of tropical ecology.



JASTE31広島大会の参加登録受付開始:Registration for JASTE31 Hiroshima is now open

JASTE31広島大会(2021年6月26~27日)の参加登録受付を開始しました。 本大会は現地参加とオンライン参加の両方が可能なハイブリッド型開催を予定しております。 詳細は下記大会ウェブサイトをご覧ください。 また、参加登録は下記のGoogle formから行ってください。 https://docs.go

Selection Criteria for Kira Award Recipients

Japan Society of Tropical Ecology Selection Criteria for Kira Award Recipients Article 1: Purpose The Japan Society for Tropical Ecology (hereinafter JASTE: established in 1990) creates the Kira Award

第25回吉良賞受賞候補者推薦のお願い/ Call for submissions: the 25th Kira Award 2021

第25回吉良賞受賞候補者推薦のお願い 現在、吉良賞受賞候補者の推薦を受け付けております。 良い方がおられましたら、推薦をご検討いただけますようお願い申し上げます。 ご推薦におかれましては、2021年2月末日までに下記(1)~(3)の書類を学会事務局宛お送りください(メールによるご送付も受け付けております)。 (1) 受賞候補者氏名、所属機関、及び略歴(奨励賞の場合は論文題目を加える) (2) 関係

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