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【締切延長】第26回吉良賞受賞候補者推薦のお願い/【Deadline extended】Call for candidates: the 26th Kira Award

■【締切延長】第26回吉良賞受賞候補者推薦のお願い/【Deadline extended】Call for candidates: the 26th Kira Award 2022







日本熱帯生態学会事務局 幹事長:保坂 哲朗 Hosaka, Tetsuro

広島大学大学院先進理工系科学研究科 理工学融合プログラム

〒739-8529 広島県東広島市鏡山1-5-1(416号室)

Tel & Fax: 082-424-6929

The deadline of application for the Kira Award has been extended until March 31st, 2022.

Kira Award was established to commemorate the first JASTE president Dr. Tatsuo Kira, who was awarded the International Cosmos Prize in 1995.

Kira Awards will be presented in the following categories:

- Young Researcher Award to recognize a young researcher for his/her outstanding research published in our journal (in principal, max. 2 persons per year)

- Distinguished Achievement and Contribution Award to distinguish an individual or a group who has made significant contribution to the field of tropical research (max. 1 person or 1 group per year)

The JASTE Kira Award Selection Committee will decide on the award recipients from the pool of candidates, nominated by JASTE members. Self-nomination is permitted. Please send all the nomination materials to the JASTE Secretariat by March 31st, 2022 by mail or email.

Please see the attached file (Kira Award Nomination) for the necessary information on the nomination materials.

Please see the details for the award on our website (


Tetsuro Hosaka

General Secretariat of The Japan Society of Tropical Ecology (JASTE)

Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering

Hiroshima University1-5-1, Kagamiyama, Higashihiroshima, Japan, 739-8529

Tel & Fax: 082-424-6929



JASTE34優秀発表賞のお知らせ/Best Presentation Awards at JASTE34

JASTE34の優秀発表賞は以下の方々に授与されることに決まりました.この他にも多くの質の高い発表があり,発表者全員に感謝を申し上げます. Thank you for participating in JASTE34 Fukui. JASTE office has selected the following five presentations as Best Presentation Awar


公益信託四方(しかた)記念地球環境保全研究助成基金 ①助成の対象: 1) 熱帯雨林の減少、砂漠化の進行等の地球規模の自然環境問題に関する調査・研究 2) 絶滅のおそれのある生物等の生態及びその保護・回復に関する調査・研究 3) 人間の生活と両立する自然環境、野生生物等の管理手法に関する調査・研究 ②助成内容:4件程度、助成総額200万円程度 ③応募締切:2024年5月31日(金)当日消印有効 ④申


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